Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The Psalmist doesn’t say
whether they were in a tree or not
or whether it began with holding hands
or really anything about how these two
old friends ended up in passionate embrace

Just this: “Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other.”
Reported with the laconic stroke of a headline.
How does he even know something so personal?
Were there witnesses?
Was old David hiding in the bushes
stilling the strings of his old harp
as these two came ambling into the space
lighted by streetlamp, laughing together?

Were they walking home
from the house of a mutual friend
where their eyes just happened to collide
for the briefest, most enduring moment?

Did the singer see the brush of hands,
the lighting of eyes and the quickening
of pulses?
Did the two just decide by happenstance
to climb a sycamore tree
to watch the moon rise over the valley?

And was it Righteousness who made the first move
or Peace, with his gentle, shy, yet manly ways
who first leaned in with more than friendly intent?
Did he grab her by the arms like they do in the old movies,
or was it just a gentle peck on the cheek?

These are only questions, but one thing is certain:
Things have never been the same since the day
that Righteousness and Peace kissed each other,
and everything is charged with hope.

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